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Sendrilion - Energy, Power, Equipment, Tools
Official representative world brands in Uzbekistan
Generac (Generators, USA)
     "SENDRILION" Ltd is the official representative in Uzbekistan world-renowned brands in the field of technical equipment such as:
1 Generators
2 Products based on nanotechnology
3 Compressor equipment
4 Construction equipment
5 Fire equipment

Among the brands that we represent in the market Uzbekistan include:

1 Generac (Generators, USA)
2 Innovative Technologies (Nanotechnology, Russia)
3 Briggs & Stratton (Generators, USA)
3 SDMO (Generators, France)
4 Onis VISA (Generators, Italy)
5 (Compressor equipment, Russia)
6 NET Muhendislik (Construction equipment, Turkey)
7 SANCO S.p.A. (Fire equipment, Italy)
Innovative Technologies</a> (Nanotechnology, Russia)
Briggs & Stratton (Generators, USA)
SDMO (Generators, France)
Onis VISA (Generators, Italy)
  (Compressor equipment, Russia)
NET Muhendislik (Construction equipment, Turkey)
SANCO S.p.A. (Fire equipment, Italy)
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